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Monday, August 29, 2011

mermaid colorsketches


Geoff King said...

Very nice as always! I especially like the perspective achieved. The stingrays are my fav

Ems said...

thanks Geoff! I really wanted a lot of depth in these so I'm glad I succeded a bit at that :)

Ben Ho said...

Wowzer! Yep yep, I agree with Geoff, that angle is so epic! Im a sucker for low angle shots xD
The first one feels a little awkward though. The mermaid is place low in the corner which would be ok but her motion is going back down off the page. And that makes all the space above her feel unnecessary.
Keep it up Ems! You have been very productive lately :)

Ems said...

that's good feeback, Ben, thanks!
I'm gonna adapt them all a bit - to make them work better single and all together :)