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Monday, August 29, 2011

One for the aquatically bad weather!

Thanks Geoff!


Ems said...

absolutely wonderful! :) brightens up my monday morning

Geoff King said...

Welcome to the jumble Kayvon. I hope we see more from you in later topics. this is very nice! I always enjoy comic posts :)

Ben Ho said...

Hey hey!!!!!!! YYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! Nice and clear drawings and fun and also clear narrative! But I was confused for a sec in the second last panel. I could'nt make out the door till I saw the last panel.
Maybe the 'Bzzzzzzt' onomatopoeia could be replaced with a more specific and recognizable 'Ding-Dong' to help clear things up :)
Love you man <3

kayvondarabi-fard said...

@Ems - Thanks Em, Monday Morning do seem to grind the soul especially with this kind of weather :)(The Aquatically)

@Geoff - Thank You Geoff, I can't believe I have taken this long to join, Thanks for having me, I have seen so much amazing art coming from AIB Grads it's really amazing to see such an awesome community!

@Mr Ho - Thanks Ben, Yeah, I added the second to last panel at the end, I felt that it was too sudden to suddenly jump to an image that hadn't been given any introduction. I guess I need to be more specific about the layout of the drawing in future, It is a bit of an odd fit now you mention it, Merci Ben!

...and no, that's too much love.