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Monday, January 24, 2011

Bit-52: TOP BOMBS!

I've been listening to a lot of 8-bit/chiptune music. Being pure data and very limited, I find it really intense.

For some reason this scene jumped into my mind when I was listening to the Dubmood track (the music to the second part), it was something about the juxtaposition of the sombre tune mixed with 8-bit game sounds.



Matt Timms said...

QUALITY MATE! thats made my monday. Where can you find the music?

Nicola Coppack said...

totally wicked! =p cant believe you did all that its greeat. Love the music!!!

Ricky Earl said...

Excellent work, sir! 10 bombs out of 10

Ben Ho said...

Wowza! I was sure you made the music yourself since the whole piece was that well synchronized

Geoff King said...


Callum Strachan said...

holy shit. that was so entertaining.I watched it 3 times in a row

rufus blacklock. said...

Cheers dears :)

@matt; wicked :D i updated the post with a link

@ben: well i did add a few sfx ;) but not to the main music.

@cal: thanks cal! but I'm pretty sure that bad for your eyes :p

L ROSSI said...

Whaaaat?!?!!?!? That's CRAZY GOOD! Love the Pixel Name Outro too! 10/10