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Monday, January 24, 2011

All Our Battles

Heres my somewhat finished entry. I say somewhat finished because there was a stoppage at the last hurdle. Well, I got distracted *cough*Mass Effect 2*cough*

Well anyway, this is something I envisioned when I listened to Europa by Globus. I wanted something fairly epic in scale and heroic like a scene of a rally cry. I am a big fan of using up-shots to enhance the epic feel, like you are mere mortals looking up at these towering figures. I kept enlarging the size of the flag too, a small one felt out of place in the scale I was trying to convey so it kept being sized up. Ive included a second song too! Consider it the after theme for the painting. Its Proud Nation by Immediate Music (the same people as Globus).


Nicola Coppack said...

very epic indeed! lovely painting as always!! =p

rufus blacklock. said...

Great posing hoben, I accompanied it with the first track you posted and got chills... love that brushwork on the flag. I think this is my fav of your recent jumbles :)

Ben Ho said...

Thanks guys! I'll try to finish it off in my own time :P