Topic 64:


Thursday, December 01, 2011

New Topic: SANTA

This months topic is SANTA

Also know as Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas or Kris Kringle
A Christmas theme for our December topic.

Next topic starts 1st January 2012.


Nubian Greene said...

I have no time for this one,but I thought maybe next one could be like "Iconic movie scene" or something...preferably live action so we can be more creative with it

Geoff King said...

Interesting idea. But I really don't like spoilers, i'd be worried someone would give away the end to a film I haven't seen yet. Though at the rate of posts we're getting the chances are slim.

what if it was something like "favorite movie characters", or "actors and actresses" would that work for you idea?

Nubian Greene said...

yeh Maybe just Iconic Movie characters then, that might be slightly less spoilery + plus easier.

Ben Ho said...