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Monday, October 03, 2011

New Topic: Student Film Encore... continued

I was about to add topic 50, which following our new tradition, would be a shape challenge.
But... I wondered how everyone feels about continuing the current topic for an extra fortnight. So far the responses is positive. So the next topic will start Monday 17th October.

Check the comments on this post for my idea of making the jumble monthly. Let me know what you think.


Ricky Earl said...

I think it's a great idea, to add more time. I vote time time time

"TORI CAT" said...

more time please!! WOrking on "Favelados" as i type!! :D

Geoff King said...

Ok, its been extended!

And as the post rate has tailed off a bit I wondered if we should make our topics monthly topics.

The people that want to post will just have extra time, no need to wait till the final day. And the people that sometimes forget there is a new topic will have a more consistent start date.

With a month we may even see some more animated posts!

Gillibean said...

Yeah monthly would be cool, although Im sure we'll all still do them the sunday night before the deadline!

Ben Ho said...

Im guilty of trailing off this and I really need to get my ass back in gear to contribute again. Been a tad bit busy of late :/

Ben Ho said...

How about this for an idea... Redesign or tribute to someone else's grad film from the AIB/AUCB?!?!?!?!?

Geoff King said...

Yes you can do that if you like. I suggested current students could do it but I suppose anyone can

"TORI CAT" said...

whose film have u got in mind mr ben??
hint hint, favelados :P
Hope you still wear ur Tshirt with pride? hee hee ;)
Good luck every one. Im looking forward to seeing all the new style tributes :D

so Geoff, are we going to see you reanimate an even more epic horse/buffalo race :D (i hope so) :)

im loving the new idea to make new topics a month long.... With a bit of luck, 'hopefully' I'll be able to get something done in time.
Like i said in my earlier comment. Favelados is cooking at the moment :P

Hows about for a future task, keeping in theme of the AIB, maybe we could either caricature our class mates/ members of the animation course past and present. Or, as lots of us may not know/recognise the past or present faces, hows about we take a stab at caricaturing the the tutors. We all know them. + it was good fun to see how every one caricatured the Pman for his retirement. It cud be fun to see every one's different take on the other tutors (or Peter again, now he is retired.... maybe he has got rid of famous blue cardigan, and as we have all seen his new love for technology with his much anticipated blog, maybe he could be seen as this super tech genius or he finally reveals he is a machine. (i know we have always thought his art work was just too good to be done by man) hee hee :P
(hope all that makes sense)

Sorry for rambling on like always with an uber length message ;)

Does any one have any idea what "PS" actually means??? Im stumped with one 'P'.... Let alone 5 P's!! ha ha! :P

Ben Ho said...

PS always means Photoshop to me :P

"TORI CAT" said...

Photo Shop.
Photo, Photo Shop.
Photo, Photo, Photo, Shop.
Photo, Photo, Photo, Photo Shop.
Photo, Photo, Photo, Photo, Photo Shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think its a bit obsessive, don't you?!! hee hee!!! :P