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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Barry's Ices

Since I've already done a redesign of my grad film before, I went with my take on my friend's grad film instead. I think it will be more interesting to see our different styles in each other's films. Hope Team Barry's Ice doesn't mind. There might be more to come...


Ricky Earl said...

I love it! I would never guess that you did it either, ben! Seems like a departure from your usual style.


"TORI CAT" said...

Favelados Ben!!!!
Ria and Emmanuel are calling you!!! ;)
hee hee hee!!!
I would love to see your take on a crying little Brazilian boy! :P
Awesome ice cream trucks!! Iv got a pretty incredible story about an ice cream truck.... but i will save that for another day :P
Will u be going to CTNx?
Lots a loooves!

Ben Ho said...

Cheers Ricky! No style is the way to go :) Be water my friend ;)

Hehehe I'll see what I can do Tori!
C'mon, lets hear this ice cream truck story.... Im afraid I wont be coming to CTNX again :( Spent my holiday funds already lol. I really really wanted to go too. Two friends of mine I used to work with will be going, I told them to pop by your booth and say 'Hi'

David Delany said...

Very very good, puts team Barry to shame...