Topic 64:


Monday, September 05, 2011


This fortnights topic is Graduation!
suggested by Kayvon

New topic starts Monday 19th September.


Gillibean said...

Dont change it till otnight! Im gonna try do something last minute!

And may I suggest Re-do you Grad film as the next topic, if no one else have put forth an idea?

Geoff King said...

Ok Gill!

Can you elaborate a bit? Do you mean redesign the character from your film, or maybe reanimate a scene, paint a new background!?

Gillibean said...

Whatever takes your fancy! Just something based on your old film.

Gillibean said...

actually iml not gonna have time to do a graduation one! go ahead and change it if youre ready!

Ben Ho said...

Hehe, I was going to remake the poster for the film 'The Graduate' but with a lil Parr twist ;)