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Thursday, June 09, 2011

"bag size" nerd

Used a little life drawing sketch and tweaked it a bit for this topic. I guess the characteristics of a nerd for me will always be someone who in one small shape or form is a bit different to everyone else. As we all know if your shoes weren't the right brand, or your bag was overally sized packed with books, pencils, and cookery tins - then your a nerd!

So he is "bag size nerd", although later in life will become "prepared back-packer guy" - and everyone will love him!



L ROSSI said...

I love your approach to use a life drawing pose and base a character around it - 10pts! :)
And I hope "prepared back-packer guy" wipes the smirks off all those Reebok Classic wearing 'cool kids' faces with his sheer awesomeness :D

Gill Face said...

Youve captured Matts nerdiness perfectly!

Ems said...

hihi! I remember this one. well posed, Matt, and well drawn Nicola :)