Topic 64:


Monday, January 03, 2011

the PICASSO PRO POWER championship; 2nd Class


Geoff King said...

Classic Rufus! Lovely :D
The variations of the shape are awesome

L ROSSI said...

Cool Idea!

Ben Ho said...

Love it mate!!!!! Im a fan of bright and saturated colours and you pull it off well. Also the white outlines works well and adds more to the graphic look, its becoming a hallmark of yours :P Love the thumbnails too, maybe we could do something similar for a future topic?
To add some crit/ suggestions... I might have been tempted to throw in some advertisement banners on the vehicle which could add a bit of extra colour too. Good job with the clear silhouettes!

Nicola Coppack said...

so vibrant and limey! x.x love the awesome bold colours ruf =>

rufus blacklock. said...

Very handy ideas Ben, I'll be updating with them in mind :) Chars doods