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Friday, December 31, 2010

Shape Challenge

I thought I would keep this piece as simple as possible in terms of using simple shapes to show off some color design. I would say that it's definitely inspired by fashion illustration, and I just wanted to do something fun .Completion time an hour or so. Hope everyone has a nice New Years! xoxo Aurorah


Callum Strachan said...

Nice use of complementaries Aurorah. Is this late 60's groovy fashion!?

Aurorah said...

Aw thanks Callum! yeah definitely inspired by the likes of the early 1960's mini dress as well as the London "it girl" look.

Ben Ho said...

Im liking the cut out look. It works well with the flat texture in the hair. I think ths could be pushed into using fabric patternson her clothes too. This will give a consistency to the pic methinks :)

Aurorah said...

Thanks Ben,
I reworked it a bit taking your advice into consideration, you can see it on my blog at the second post down.