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Sunday, December 05, 2010

I always thought Bravestarr was cool, he never seemed as popular as He man though. Its probably because he was Too Awesome, thats the price you pay.

Hope to see some cool entries!


L ROSSI said...

This oozes 'cool' - nice job!

Ben Ho said...

Hey what u got against He-man?!? Shuddap! :P Good to see you post on here. Crit-wise... watch the thickness of those wrists, the one nearest us is the thinner one which should be the reverse. I also reckon you can push the psoe more too by adding that S curve in there. Liking the colours how its unified in that pinky environment.

Sean McCormack said...

gah! That's who I was gonna do... well poop! Awesomeness tho!

Nicola Coppack said...

ooh lovely! i love the colours and rendering of it =>

rufus blacklock. said...

incredible stuff!