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Monday, December 13, 2010

featuring Good ol Charlie Brown

I know this cartoon began way before the 80's but they
continued right up to Jan 2000 and I remember watching
the show on TV as a young boy. ___________________


Nicola Coppack said...

its cuuuuute, but werent you scolding rufus before for dates and airing things =p? tut tut ^_~

Just kidding theyre all great!!

Sean McCormack said...

awwww soo pretty Geoffrey!!! Well done!

Gill Face said...

Double topical with the weather recently! Cute post.

Ben Ho said...

Hehe I thought the same as Gill! You got the style quite close to the original too so you win extra points!

Geoff King said...

Thanks everyone:)
It was also inspired by the controversial John Lewis ad!

nic- i dont understand, what do to mean? I thought i was telling rufus it was ok to have any show that was on tv in the 80's, and his was, mine too!

rufus blacklock. said...

lovely mister! very true to the original :o

Lets not do dates again, its jumbled up too much pain :(