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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cyril Sneer off of The Raccoons

So this is my choice for 80s Cartoons. Cyril Sneer off of The Raccoons! Really struggled to pick a show that I'd enjoy drawing cause I'm not a fan of fan art but I thought this guy suited my style. Didnt actually change that much from the reference picture, goes to show how bloody freaky he was already!

PS. Does anyone know what he's supposed to be? Like a naked aardvark or something?


Ben Ho said...

Im guessing hes an ant eater. But you are right, hes a hard one to work out. Nice character and paint work on this!

rufus blacklock. said...

hes a broken aardvark, nice one gill!

The Raccoons is currently my shower song :D

Nicola Coppack said...

thats greeat!! he scares me too

Sean McCormack said...

FREAKY!!!! Love it!

Matt Timms said...

yuk just noticed his belly button.