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Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Have The Power!!!!!!!

Didnt have time to finish this one to a higher polish. But here you go!

EDIT: Just been looking through the jumble again and I have to say I absolutely love it that the AIB animtion folks are still connected and keeping that studio family feel even after we all graduated and even keep communication with current animation students going. Love you all! ;)


L ROSSI said...

He certainly does! Nice composition.

Matt Timms said...

didnt watch too much of this show, although i do have the he-man and she-ra christmas special on tape!!

nice work Ben, the lighting is really good.

Sean McCormack said...

TThis is awesome! So epic! I LOVED this show!

Gill Face said...

Cool compostion and lighting. Love how epic your posts always are!

Ben Ho said...

Thanks guys XD Though I prob should have done Thundercats for the novelty of signing it off with Hooooooooo! Heman and Thundercats were me and my bro's favorite cartoons as toddlers, so much so we wore plastic swords down the back of our shirts :D