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Monday, November 15, 2010

Self Portrait

Ugh, first let me say that I have started sooooo many things for this blog only to get distracted by the film this year. So for that I apologize for being such a terrible contributor. But know that I'm always lurking on here for inspiration from all the lovely talented people I know. I did this self portrait a few weeks ago for self portrait day. I think it's generally creepy, so I like it all the more. (oh the books are because I now work in the Library at Uni shelving). I did this as part of a digital painting tutorial to learn some new stuff, so this piece was really more about the learning process, and not so much the final outcome.
x Aurorah


Wykesie said...

looks good I like it! I actually thought it was a model at first glance.

Aurorah said...


Nicola Coppack said...

cool nice post! also good to see something being posted in the first week! have to say im guilty for putting it up the last weekend everytime. =x