Topic 64:


Monday, November 29, 2010


An oldish pic. I try not to post old art here and make new pics for this place but I didnt get round to redoing a new self portrait so I'll have to resort to pulling this one out. Done at the beginning of the month for the International Self Portrait Day. Done from a mirror which kicked my ass.


Geoff King said...

Hey, like your reasoning there!
Its a good way to approach the topics, good job ;)

Any idea for the new topic? I need to think of something soon!

Ben Ho said...

Something Christmas related perhaps? A Christmas greeting card? Secret Santa?

Geoff King said...

Yeah I like idea of giving a Christmas card to the jumble! I'll start it within the next few hours, need to finish my work first:S

I want to think of some easy ones for 13th and 27th of Dec. I dont know how secret santa would work, but we could possibly have a Santa topic.

Ben Ho said...

Ah, I meant secret santa as the theme like as if hes sneaking down a chimney or being a secret agent etc. I reckon a greetings card for the jumble will be pretty cool. Spread the merriness to our fellow AIBnimators!

Sean McCormack said...

is it sad, that when I saw the title of you're drawing, I immediatly thought, "We gotta do a Thundercats topic" Or 80ies cartoons topic! Not x-masy at all, but we still have time till it's that far!

Geoff King said...

Yeah I dunno about narrowing it down so much, I like the idea of 80's cartoons tho.! Bagpuss, Mr Men, TMNT, Fraggle rock, Top Cat, Postman Pat, Skarky and George!!!! could be good..

How about we have 80's cartoons now and Christmas cards on the 13th. Anyone that reads this comment will get a heads up!

Ben Ho said...

Haha nah its not sad Sean. Thundercats are awesome! The 80s theme does sound cool. I think most of us gre up in that era so therell be plenty of nostalgia about that :D