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Monday, October 04, 2010

New Topic: AUTUMN

Time for a seasonal special!
This fortnights topic is Autumn.

Thanks to everyone who posted for 'Cats'!
It seemed to be quite a popular theme and left us with a great variety of styles.

I'd be interested in hearing any suggestions or ideas from you on how we could improve the jumble. Is there anything in particular you would like to see or change?
You can leave comments under this post.

New topic starts Monday 18th October.


Nicola Coppack said...

I love this topic! autumns the best one ;]

Geoff King said...

Cant wait to see it then! :) I think this topic has the potential to be as popular as Snow was. I hope so anyway

Gill Face said...

I think everyone loved drawing cats. Try more topics like that, topics on things people love to draw. Perhaps you could do a survey! Haha! Id lile to see Pin- Ups as a topic as Im very into my Bill Presing at the moment.

Geoff King said...

I've always said anyone can suggest a topic. by commenting under these posts.

I usually have to think up one the morning of the new topic, so perhaps we'll give Pin Ups a go next time!

however i think choosing topics out of everyones comfort zone is half the fun and more beneficial.

Nicola Coppack said...

nah, comfort zone more enjoyable ^_~
Dont worry your topics are good but i really like the last two =>