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Monday, September 06, 2010


Kind of cheated with this because it has been on my computer for a little while, but gothic was what I had in mind when I did it, so I thought that I would post it anyway.


Geoff King said...

WOW! fastest response to a new topic
good job !

Ben Ho said...

Nice one Mike! I like the clean crisp edges there. Ive been paying attention to edges lately and Ive been a bit annoyed with careless messy edges in my own work so Im glad to see you havent fallen into the traps I have :P

Michael Gardiner said...

Cheers guys. For this painting I worked over a 3d model which I built in sketchup. When I exported the image to a 2d format I left out the lines, so that only block shapes remained in the image. I was then able to paint over this, already having a basic starting point without having to worry too much about lines.
I was really inspired by your painting ben of a rifle on your portfolio page. That and some of the work from digital art secrets website. (Interms of using 3d as a foundation for a painting.)
I really enjoyed this way of working so I will post more work in this style either up on this blog or on mine very soon.