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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Big Cats by Tori Cat"

Ok, so these are old drawings, but as this post should come natural to my nick name, it only seems right that i post something. I will try and get a new and fresh scribble to add to this old collection before the end of this topic... but for now, here is something to start with...
The first scribble is a quick sketch i did at the zoo last year.
The next one is a recent warm up painting i have done for a book i am illustrating for the "The Lion Man".
And the last two are a couple of many illustrations i did for The Lion Man's official tour book last year.
For more information on "The Lion Man", his registered charity and work i am currently doing/ have done for him, please check out my blog or drop us a line.
Cheers guys!! Keep up the top work and looking forward to seeing more!!
All the best,


Geoff King said...

EPIC POST!!!!!! :D

L ROSSI said...

Whoa! You did these really quick considering the new topic was put up yesterday, and the fact you were in hospital all of yesterday! Amazing!!! :)

Aurorah said...

these are fantastic!

Ibrahim Khan said...

old posts?. straight out the litter tray and into the AIB jumble. Its really khool stuff.