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Monday, August 09, 2010

It's a small moleskine...

(1. Tuscan Vineyard Illustration thumbnail - FC Polychromos/Pitt Pen)
(2. Composition Study - Sideways - Pitt Pen/Tria Marker/Blue Ink)

(1. Composition Study - Green Zone - Pitt Pen/FC Polychromos)
(2. Crappy-I'm-not-quite-ready-yet-30-second-warm-up-drawing-for-lunchtime-gesture-session - Parker Pen (like you used to have at school)) I'll post the last few pages.

Also to quote Geoff (with a slight edit) -

"Simply post your latest page or drawing of your sketchbook. -That bit is okay, but then - If you don't kept a sketchbook or haven't done anything new recently this is the time to do it! -WTF?!? Did you learn nothing from Parr?


Geoff King said...

Put quite bluntly...

You'd be surprised! just look at how many posts we don't have for this topic!

Ben Ho said...

C'mon guys! No need to be shy ;)