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Monday, May 17, 2010

New Topic: DREAMS

This fortnights topic is Dreams.
suggested by Nicola

New topic starts Monday 31st May.


Geoff King said...

I want to get some opinions!

Ive been thinking of starting another blog as a sideline to the AIB jumble.
I had the idea of starting an animation blog for current students to post their animation and be able to get feedback from alumni and other current students.

You could also post showreels, animatics or any other animation piece you've been working on. I think the benefits are obvious, think of it as an animation forum!

Ben Ho said...

Thats a brilliant idea! However I would like to hear it from the people currently on the course. It doesnt look like a lot of them are on here or maybe theyre being shy :P But I would say its a great idea and would go with it.

Geoff King said...

Theres not much i can do to add the new people. Its up to them to find us and request to be added. also theres a limit of 100 members! glad you like the idea.

Ben Ho said...

Mmmmm... maybe we can ask about it at the Alumni thing or send Anne an email so she can announce it via an email or in production meeting?