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Monday, April 19, 2010


Sorry for the late post. Lack of internet :( Anyway... inspired by How To Train Your Dragon! That counts as a monster right?


Geoff King said...

Of course it does!
Great to see some traditional painting too!!

Sean McCormack said...

OooOOoOoOooohh! Really awesome!! Love the traditional route!

Nicola Coppack said...

this is so gorgeous! im loving dragons too at the moment totally obsessed with toothless (as is everyone =p)

sooo nice =)

Geoff King said...

Ben! I just looked at this again, its really cool! I especially like the texture of the dragons scales! After looking at it again i could give an artist crit if i may.. The pose of the dragon, to me, suggests his front right foot would feel more comfortable raised off the ground, what do you think?

Also i dont want to put people off posting but i think criting each others work on here would cool. what dya think?

Ben Ho said...

Thanks for the crit. Yeah I personally think giving crits is a good thing and helps us see other ppl's point of view is helpful!