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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brother of the Pale Man

Sadly he did not make the final auditions for Pan's Labyrinth.

***Additional Shameless Plug***
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Geoff King said...

Oi, wwhats this!!?

Nice post tho, seen your ad already. Very cool ;)

Its not just up to me but I dont think we can allow everyone to be plugging themselves on here, i think a small link is ok but for half your post with a video...?!

Ben Ho said...

Haha! Humorous stuff as I have come to expect from u!

Nicola Coppack said...

i really like your monster its well creepy! feet face x.x

Michael Brady said...

Sorry Geoff! Have condensed it to a smaller link to keep with the spirit of the AIB Jumble!

Thanks for the comments - I was watching Pans Labyrinth the other night and just started wondering if the Pale Man had any relatives!