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Friday, March 05, 2010


Somehow since last night when I uploaded it and this morning when Im posting vimeo says its been played 1,585 times. The most ive ever had before in one day is about 9!

Well here it is.. another bit of over indulgent straight ahead animation. This time with some sound effects.


Sean McCormack said...

this is just ridiculous!
silly silly boy

Nicola Coppack said...

jebus geoff x.x

Ben Ho said...

Awesome work Geoff! Clever transitions and nice flow between the different actions. Good stuff. I see a bit of Great Race coming through lol

Callum Strachan said...

wowsa. well thought out, love the timing n sound of the horse polo hit-comes out the blue. I thought you were gonna animate a skateboarder, how wrong was I.

L ROSSI said...

Everybody....Hats off....Geoff's inda house and he's brought some animated Flash loveliness!

Straight ahead too....

Dude Check your mail, got a proposition for ya!