Topic 64:


Monday, March 22, 2010

New Topic: What do you see in this shape?

We had a bunch of great interpretations for the topic red!

For our tenth topic we are going to celebrate with something a little different.
This fortnight is more of a challenge. What do you see in this shape?

Use this picture as a starting point and paint whatever you see in this shape. You can rotate, move, scale, invert or even add things to the shape but do not distort or warp it.

'Here' are some examples if you are having trouble with this fortnights topic.
If this topic is a success and we have some positive feed back we could continue the theme for every tenth topic.

Next topic starts Monday 5th April


Ben Ho said...

Wow man! I never thought of something like this before... cool stuff! Looks like one of those psychiatrist pictures, can we read into everbody's interpretation and judge them by it :P hehehehe

Geoff King said...

Ha sure, i think thats secretly the point ;)