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Monday, February 22, 2010

Bug Planet!

EEEEeeekkkk!!!!!!! Not quite finished but its as far as I can get for Monday. I'll have to finish it in my own time. Need to paint the bug more and was planning to put in some flying ones in the background. Chhhhhhhhaaarrrrrrggggggeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Was originally gonna be a Nausicaa spin off but the direction shifted hehe.


Sean McCormack said...

WHOA!!! Very epic man!!! I like muchly, keep it up!

Geoff King said...

Haha Awesome
Clever too! I like the use of lines to direct us to the giant insects head, as symmons would say ;)

Ben Ho said...

Cheers, I read up a bit about composition that I tried to use in this one.