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Monday, December 07, 2009

Fresh Flakes.......

Hey Guys! Hope you're all good! Hope you like this piece - winter can be a fun and beautiful time, not just cold and wet!
I've wanted to leave comments on some of the other pieces but I cant for some reason;
Stacey - Loved your French Girls
Geoff - Nice "Le Moine et le Poisson' Homage!

Thanks to Sean and Gillian for getting us all together,
'Till the next time,


Alexander Ward said...

Change your web browser dude!
Seems to be a problem with Firefox - I had that problem, switched to the Google Chrome browser and it works now :)

nice pic!

Sean McCormack said...

awwww that's so sweet! So emotional, you big softie Laurent!
very nice!

Ben Ho said...

Nice to see you take on such a tough perspective there!

Geoff King said...

Very well done and thanks :D
Love the snowflakes. It nice to see the original too