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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hello Jumblers!!!

A little update, incase you missed it, 2 polls have been added to the blog. 

The 1st one allows you to vote for one of a variety of topics for the next jumble. The list will be choosen by Sean and myself (if you have something you'd really like to do, say so in your jumble posts and we'll take good ideas into consideration) and the topic with the most votes wins! Easy! 

The 2nd poll allows you to vote for your most favourite post of the previous topic. (This is a trial poll, what are your opinions on it? Interesting or mean? Motivational or off-putting?)

Stay classy AIB.



Geoff King said...

I'd say the 1st poll is ok but part of me thinks we shouldn't be able to choose the next topic. We should be able to create something for any topic, but i like that we can give suggestions in our own comments.

And the 2nd poll pointless.

Rufus Blacklock. said...

1st is a Cool idea. I voted.

2nd - I didnt know this was a competition...


Betty said...

Yeah, I'd rather not make it into a competition either. 1st poll is good, perhaps less choices though?

Geoff King said...

I miss the red triangle! Where did he go?
Was he like the blue smartie?

Great to see so many posts this topic :)

Betty said...

Ah sorry I put that up, thinking it'd be cool but it didn't align on some people's pages. I was goning to message gillian and sean about making a better banner, but i discovered i didn't have the old logo anywhere :p as in the text of the arts institute.

Anyway I'm no longer an admin now so I can't change it. Sorry :(