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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's a theme right?


Sean said...

is it weird that this reminds me of you?

Betty said...

Well i remember symons saying in life drawing class once, 'whatever you draw you always draw yourself, even if you don't realise'.

It's obviously the rubber hose arms they're exactly like mine!

Probablly bears a resemblance to me because i happen to have every single item of clothing in that picture.... thick eyebrows probablly give me away too :p

Ben Ho said...

You sure this isn't just a poto of yourself? Hehe Nice one! Is that done with a brush pen?

Betty said...

As in did i use a brush 'pen' in photoshop... yes. Did i use that black plastic pen looking thing that has ink inside it and a brushy sorta tip... no.

Tegan Jephcott said...

You definitely don't have thundethighs, though.